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Our Agriculture module is what your farm needs

It can automate things that are required for crop farmers as well as livestock farmers.


In livestock there are so many things you can keep track of. For example how much animals you have, breeds, animal diseases, keep a veterinary journal and even taxonomy. We also haven't forgotten beekeepers.

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Keep track of every animal you have by giving them their tags as names, assign breed, gender and date of birth as well as parents (if you know who they are), keep track of their size and weight and select the color they have.

Animal diseases

Keep track of all the diseases your farm has had in the past and which animals have had infections so that you don't forget it. Also don't forget to give some description about it.

Bees are important to us just like they are to you and that's why we have made it easy, just fill in hive name and estimated bee count. We can help you implement humidity and temperature monitoring for each hive as well.

Crop production

With Crop production we offer you possibilities to keep track of crops you are growing, how big is the yield of a field, crop diseases as well as keeping track of fields, fertilizers and trees, so you can keep track of any tree that's on your property

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Name your crops and keep track of their fertilization stages and how much is spent on one field, as well as if there are any infected crops.


Keeping track of fields can be hard if you are a big farmer, so we have made it easier for you by letting you mark the field in a map, then mark it's soil type and write it's area


Any tree you own can be tracked on our module. Give it  name and fill in information where it is located and give it height, stem circumference and crown spread. And if it has some imperfections you can add them in notes so it's easier to find it.


Monitor weather conditions on each field individually with dates when and how much was the wind speed and precipitation and temperature.

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